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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not a meteorite but a supervolcano

The old theory of what killed the dinosaurs, along with 65% of contemporary species, was an impact of a meteorite from outer space has been dismissed by recent methodic research that shows that the Chicxulub crater at Yucatan is actually 300,000 years older than the K/T event and that it actually caused the extinction of no known species whatsoever.

Instead the eruption of a supervolcano in India and the radical climatic alterations it caused was the responsible for the massive extinction.

Read more at Science Daily.

This basically removes any major pretext for the meteorite-hunting paranoia, of likely hidded military goals, that we have been bombed with in the media. It's not imposible that a sizeable meteorite hits us sometime in the (likely quite distant future) but it won't kill us as species. Instead it is much more likely that we kill ourselves by means of unconsiderate global warming (no need of a supervolcano this time: we do it on our own arrogant idiocy).

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