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Sunday, December 21, 2008

First time ever...

First time ever that people openly announce their joining illegal armed organization ETA. Nobody remembers anything like that. Maybe in the 60s?

A comunication sent to Gara newspaper declares that ten Basque citizens have decided to join ETA after being judged and persecuted as if they were militants when they were not. Four of them appear in a picture attached to the letter (left), though no names are mentioned.

They claim to be activists of the Basque Nationalist Left, who in different ways have worked in favor of Basque independence.

We have worked in different organisms of the Basque National Liberation Movement until heavily armed policemen came to arrest and torture us and we have been forced to run away.

They denounce that the political situation has been worsening, that there is no democracy, freedom of association, freedom of expression anymore in the Basque Country and that in the impossibility of working in their townsthey have decided not to surrender to the Spanish tribunals.

We had no option left than to face the Spanish persecution with weapons in our hands and we will make it with determination.

In spite of not being members of ETA, they wanted to kidnap and judge us as if we were. But this does not scare us, like many other people before us, we have decided to take up weapons and join Euskadi Ta Askatasuna.

Live to see. When you think you've witnessed virtualy everything...

Source: Gara


Unknown said...

They guy with the hat and the glasses (Iñaki Iribarren) has been captured in France today, he has a WEAPON and was leaving a ZULO (a type of cave which is used by ETA to hide weapons and even kidnapped people) in the right moment he was captured.

El tipo del sombrero y las gafas (Iñaki Iribarren) ha sido detenido hoy por la policia francesa, justo cuando abandonaba un zulo y llevaba una pistola encima.

Pero esto nolo vas a colgar en tu blog ¿verdad putito?

Chao puto, escribele una carta a tu novio cuando puedas, con eso de la dispersion, vas a tardar en verlo.

Maju said...

It is pretty much logical what you say, considering that they declared this openly. I don't follow in this blog the daily

Anyhow, another personal attack or homophobic comment and I will have to delete whatever you say. Respect if you want to be respected.

There are three things I simply don't put up with (apart of commercial spam): racism, sexism and homophobia. Disrespect in general is not accepted in my spaces. So assume it or you'll see are your comments deleted. I just don't have to put up with nazis of any sort.

And by the way, zulo means nothing but hole and it's a Spanish police term for holes and other similar hidden places (but only when these are in the context of ETA).

Maju said...

This sentence was broken in the previous comment:

"I don't follow in this blog the daily..."

I mean that I don't follow all the details of Basque politics and military news. If you are interested you can read the Basque press either in Basque, French or Spanish language. I just make a my personal selection of the local news that I subjectively find relevant, normally with my own comments. Normal arrests and minor attacks are not relevant. Only when something strikes out I do.

And sure, I am not going to make any apology of the police corps of Franco. If you want that, go elsewhere.