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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Madoff affair: working notes 1

It seems that by the moment it is fairly impossible to get the whole picture of the Madoff scandal. And I do not mean just a whole list of his customers and the ammounts affected but all the posible ramifications, including very possibly the Zionist network and Israel.

So by the moment I'm just thinking loud and taking notes on what I find around there to see if I can come to some conclusions in due time. I'd thank that any readers with ideas or just interesting links would make me notice them (feel free to comment).

Some interesting stuff (though verifiable facts, unconfirmed allegations and opinions are all mixed) is the Blogosphere. The more or less interesting material comes from:

1. Jewish anti-Zionist blogs (they do exist and are most interesting):
2. Palestinian blogs:
  • Window into Palestine wonders if Madoff moved all the "lost" money into Israel. This is a very intriguing post but sadly the sources are vague and unclear. According to them anyhow the money is not gone but it's safe in Israel, and most or all investors have been privately notified. The whole confession affair would then be just a stratageme not to pay taxes in the USA, after Swiss bank leaks, and because "it was felt that this was a necessary measure in protecting certain high level clients in the face of a collapse of the USA". It adds that "the money needed to be taken out of the US on fear of collapsing US dollar and seizure of funds by IRS and courts for frauds committed during the sub prime bubble". They also suggest that the real ammount involved would be closer to $100 billion (double than what is official). - Note: traced the original source of this article is a post at Google-groups by Mark Graffis, post that appears to have been transcribed around the net. It remains intriguing but I'd like to know the alleged sources. [Note: most quoted source is Rense - but this informal news site links to Yahoo-groups. It's clearly a rumor but many seem to take it as very likely]
3. Spanish-language blogs:
  • Diario Pampero Cordubensis translates from an English-language article by John Paterson (NSK News - still to locate online). The article says that the money is in Israel and that it's quite obvious why Madoff has been given such a generous bail: it's all a financial plot, not just this scandal but the whole financial crisis [that we know well: was caused by a chain of Ponzi schemes itself, as denounced by the 2008 Nobel Prize of Economics]
Madoff is not just any Jon Doe after all. He was the star guru of Wall Street, the presiden of NASDAQ (...), mecenas of Jewish organizations, friend of Israel, director of the Hebrew Yeshiva University (...) Zionist militant, he is one of the most renowed leaders of AIPAC (US pro-Israel lobby).

Obviously it's so crude that truth comes alone: Madoff is the consensuated visible face of something else. Can anybody believe that someone that was scamming for so many years (...) was never spotted by the SEC or FINRA or even the FBI? [I'd add also European and Japanese regulators]

(...) many already think that we are before a controlled demolition of the financial bubble. That is: the monster is being dismantled like in demolition works with explosive charges while the money is transfered from the naive to a few select hands. bankrupticy of the Zionist investment bank Lehman Brothers and the silence of the Zionist financial lobby, Robert Rubin, few doubts remain.

Money does not vanish: what many loose, a few gain. And they have decided to gather all in their hands without any need to give account. For this purpose the US taxpayers (...) will have to pay 700 billion already compromised for the "rescue" of Wall Street (...)

The money stolen by Bernard Madoff maybe is already safe in Israel, meanwhile it will be dissimulated with the song of the "scammed Jewish investors", like Steven Spielberg (...), who all keep a suggestive silence, possibly on request.
4. News sites:
  • David B. Carusso (AP) at Yahoo news Spain analyzes some of the possible accomplices of Madoff. In the article it seems obvious that an elderly man alone, no matter how smart and well connected, could not do all that mega-scam alone. From other news it's just clear that the impact in Europe is growing by moments and that the same kind of criticisms against the regulators is being thrown around. At least one Basque public bank (Kutxa) is affected.
  • NYT: list of losers, Dec. 14 (obsolete but it's something)
5. Forums (why not):
  • In Gold is, a member (whaterbd), discussing the obscure allegations of Graffis, argues that it's just impossible that Madoff run a Ponzi scheme with such important customers, it should have not gone unnoticed to financial analysts nor to the employees. He argues that by confessing, all customers would be able to claim refund from the US administration (this normally would require the fraud to be proven but confession allows to skip that part). - lost the link but well... it's just a note.
6. Other blogs:
  • InvestorCentric mentions that Madoff customers want a bailout too.
  • Mondoweiss mentions his links with Ezra Merkin, who apparently invested all in Madoff's fund. Merkin nevertheless got a large privatized Israeli bank two years ago. A character to trace in this story, along with Sharon and Olmert, who appear in the same photo.
7. Wikipedia is always a reference but in Jewish-lobby and Israel related issues it's very much under the control Zionist ideology and fears of being labelled "anti-semitic" (wasted word). Anyhow it may give some figures if nothing else.

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