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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fundamentalist arrogance

This is funny to say the least. There's nothing like a fanatic warlord bragging:

We wish to tell Bush and our opponents our real intentions: we will establish Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, Japan, Russia, the Solomon Islands and all the way to Iceland, be warned, we are coming.

While I don't doubt that this bunch of fanatic maddogs of castrating and superstitious rituals are able to cause much harm in Somalia and maybe other places... the only sane reaction is a good laugh. And then a straight jacket and a cold shower.


Manju Edangam said...

How can this be funny? The important thing here is not the bragging but the ideology used in the words. This ideology allows groups like these to be used(unbeknown to them) by US-Israeli nexus to create 9/1l all over the world. As they have already done in the US and recently in India according to you. You should be worried. This perpetrator-victim and victim-perpetrator loop that we arrive at after the intelligent application of 'cui bono' is so enchanting.

Maju said...

Well Orwell argued that the goose step was funny, ridiculous. And that was precisely the reason why Nazi germans (and other authoritarian regimes) favored it, while it would be laughed upon in the more liberal society of England.

He said that the goose step is much like the bully making ugly faces and saying: "yes, I'm ugly but you don't dare to laugh at me".

I believe it is important to laugh at these idiots, no matter if they have guns and even followers. If we allow ourselves to be intimidated we have already lost a battle.

Anyhow it's ridiculous. So either you look at the guy with surprised fear or with astonished laughter.

Laughter dispels fear. Acually laughter arises when something tickles fear within us, incomodates us, but is not daunting enough to make us really scared. Laughter is therapeutic and fundamentalist of all sorts deserve a good laughter because they are just ridiculous idiots. And even themselves need to know that others think that of them.

What worries me is that such crazy megalomaniac manages to draw attention and scare people. Obviously the chances of dying in a fundamentalist attack are ridiculously low - surely lightning or bees, not to mention car accidents, kill many more people every day. So their threat is minimal... except if they manage to get us to fear them, except if they get us to panic.

Fear nothing but your own fear.

Shalman Rushdie is alive and kicking. We will also survive the threat from these madmen. And it's time to laugh at them, to show them how ridiculous they are.

Manju Edangam said...

Okay, you are worried about the people who fear. Many people don't fear but get angry for hurting their ego. Sometimes bullies get opposing bullies. Don't they?

Maju said...

If you mean that this guy needs a 9mm bullet straight into his diminished brain, I fully agree. I would not consider that "bullying" though but just rebellion or mere "therapeutical surgery".