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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time travel postcards

Now that another year comes formaly to an end, one may happen to ask, or even just accidentally stumble as I did, where were we 10 or 20 years ago, more or less. Not sure about you but these two images tell me where I was and that we made some difference by not being just passive sheep:


The one above has no date but I'm pretty sure is like 18 years ago, more or less. The people who are occupying the tank (blocking a military parade or maneouvre in Gasteiz, what eventually took the tanks out from the streets) belonged to the same organization I was in. I can perfectly recognize the one facing the camera. I was not in that one but were in others...

This one instead has a date and is like 12 years ago, center of Bilbao. Again I can recognize one of the main actors, a very outgoing and militant man. Homosexuality was, as you can see already more or less normalized by then - though there's always someone looking odd.

Nothing was like that when I was born, or even when I was a teen ager... we made a difference. We got the once arrogant army hiding into their barracks, we got the bishops to see their churches empty, we got ties and formal adresses very much supressed, we got informal sexuality to be much more common and accepted everywhere...

It is possible to make a difference. You just have to be right, get organized and persist. Things change... a lot. What you see now was made, is made, by people like you and me. For good or bad we are the actors of this story: we are the ones that make things happen.


Images borrowed from this quite interesting collection of covers and content from the historical Basque Autonomist magazine Resiste. Now continued in electronic format as Eutsi (name that then was used for monographic issues only).

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