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Saturday, December 20, 2008

State-appointed attorney demands habeas corpus for last arrested Basques

His demand was, of course, ignored.

But it is important anyhow because he did so only as he saw the awful state of the prisioners in the police station where they are incommunicated, as usual.

June Villarubia was finally set free yesterday and has denounced tortures like "the bag" (deprivation of air by placing once and again a plastic bag on your head), sexual abuses and being brutally pulled by the hair all around. She has been arrested and incommunicated for five days but, in spite of the trotures, she made no declarations to the police and rejected all accusations before the judge.

The two men arrested in the same operation, all initially accused of passing information to ETA, Arkaitz Landaberea and Julen Etxaniz, are still incommunicated after having declared before special judge Ismael Moreno. The fourth arrested, Saioa Urbistazu, was left free two days ago.

The judge rejected the application of the "Garzón protocol", that is intended precisely to prevent abuses during the incommunication period, by filming their stance in the police station and appointing a second forsenic physician.

Source: Gara.

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