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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How EU grows hateful even among Europeists

Just the last insulting item:
EU has fined France for not allowing GM crops according to EU rules. The same EU that is not able to force the fishing fleet (largely French) to drop the hyper-destructive bottom-trawling techniques or other destructive arts is trying to force more ecological destruction by forcing us to accept the much hated genetically modified monsters.

But this is just an example: EU and its undemocratically clique is just imposing the bad things (ultra-liberalism, interests of private corporations) and showing itself unable to do the right things (protecting the enviroment, jobs, people's welfare...). If there is no radical swing (and its undemocratic structure does not allow for such thing), EU will end up fragmented and with people really hating it. In fact the main causes of the recent Greek upheaval are, according to most analysts, massive discontent for EU liberal measures that make jobs unstable and dismantle the national economy.

I am a strong Europeist but this undemocratic EU bureaucracy is an insult to all Europeans and a burden on our shoulders. We need a democraticaly elected government on a platform and under democratic scrutitny, not this government of the corporations. And we certainly need a more socialist EU, not this brutal Monsanto-style liberalism.

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