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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thieves all around

Even if it's hard that anyone will surpass the dimensions of the Madoff scam in many years, he is certainly not the only one among the world's fascists. A more modest but very similar scam has been unveiled in the person of Bush' advisor Felipe E. Sixto, leader of the counterrevolutionary entity Center for a Free Cuba. Sixto confessed last friday to have robbed $600 million from this "charity".

Sadly the stolen millions are only 25% of the US public aid against Cuba. But don't worry, his accomplices (CIA agent Frank Calzón and Adolfo Franco, former US director of USAID for Latin America) are facing no acusation whatsoever, so they will surely keep robbing your money instead of spending it to destroy te Cuban revolution.

All happy, I guess.

Source: Rebelión.

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