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Friday, May 30, 2008

New ETA communication

Basque newspaper
Gara has published today the latest communication of ETA. In the page-and-half document (here in PDF, Basque language only; here for an HTML journalistic version in Spanish, with links to reactions) they claim four attacks between May 1st and May 19th, denounce several socio-political issues (laboral accidents, high speed train), denounce the "shamelessness" and/or "complicity" of most political parties, reiterate that they will face the "opression" and insist in their demands for a solution to the conflict, namely:

- Self-determination and territoriality [i.e. reunion of the western Basque Automous Community with Navarre] for the Southern Basque Country. Institutional recognition of the Northern Basque Country too.
- Democratic framework [i.e. non interference of Spain in Basque decissions] and restoration of all civil rights
- Negotiation between all political forces

They claim that, with solidarity and persistent activism, the trend to Basque statehood is there and that "we will achieve it".

The reactions have been mostly negative as usual:

- Spanish government: no comment, the government will continue working with all good-spirited citizens to definitively supress terrorist violence.
- Socialist Party (Spanish guvernamental force, important in the Basque Country): ETA mantains its will to commit more crimes and murders.
- United Left (minor post-communist Spanish-wide bloc): ETA must assume it's not a Basque political agent.
- Aralar (small breakaway faction from the Nationalist Left bloc, with some importance only in Navarre): ETA is totally detached from modern Basque society.
- People's Party (Spanish conservative opposition force): ETA feels confortable with the current political situation of the Basque Country [probable reference to the diffuse Ibarretxe's project that has been going on without practical consequences for about eight years now]
- El Mundo (Spanish conservative newspaper): ETA qualifies Ibarretxe's project of "fraud dressed as autonomical reform".
- Público (Spanish newspaper - no idea of its ideology): ETA says that only the creation of a Basque state will solve the conflict.

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