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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

EAE-ANV tavern closed by the Inquisition

I had to mention this even if it's maybe a minor issue among the immense supression of rights that the Basque Country is suffering. After all, I, like so many people, have drank at that tavern (and in fact it was there when I first realized that the historical party was still alive).

Yesterday the bar was invaded by hooded plain-clothes policemen, who took all they could find (some propaganda, red and yellow paint, but not the green or blue, the flag... little more) and officially clausurated it with red tape. Another "democratic" agression we have to put up with, it seems.

The local authorities (elected in undemocratic polls) avoided the issue. Causing protests.

You will not shut us up. Independence!, reads the banner.

Source: Gara (in Spanish).

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