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Friday, May 23, 2008

Four Stone Hearth

Honestly, I don't even really know well what it is. But it seems some anthropolgy bloggers enjoy quoting each other (and whoever may fall) regularly in some sort of e-festival. This time the host, Tim Jones at Remote Central, has chosen two related posts of this blog among others. Guess I feel honored that my rantings have found a place between material from people I know (or in most cases I presume, as it's the first time I find most of those blogs and bloggers) are respected anthropologists and archaeologists.

Nice. What else can I say?

Anyhow I don't think this blog is an anthropology blog. It is a personal blog on very varied issues, not personal like in intimate but personal like in personal insterests, among which it is certainly anthropology, but not only.

The current issue of Four Stone Hearth includes stories such Inca neurosurgery, Basque archaeologists working for the POLISARIO Front (not my post, I swear!), drugs and control, more drugs and more state control, Neural Buddhism (whatever that means), how each new astronomer brings Ratzinger more and more close to heressy (but well, the Pope is infallible, isn't he?), a most interesting meditation on the downward trend of Wikipedia (something so big cannot work well, I knew it), how Taiwan pretends to compete with my hometown for being the navel of the World (c'mon, didn't you know that I live here?!) and, of course, several posts on how good or bad is that Harrison Ford has become chief archaeologist honoris causa. This is not a complete list, of course, just my capricious selections.

For further and hopefully better info on what the hell is Four Stone Hearth, check its home site.

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