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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is wrong?

I woke up earlier thinking about what is essentially wrong in our society:

- Lack of nature in life: we need nature to feel all right but our cities are dark, crowded and full of concrete and cars.

- Lack of meaning at work: money means nothing, social usefulness (and personal interest) is all. Of course you need to survive but survival alone is a poor motivation, in the long run is demotivating for many in fact.

What really pays is the joy of being alive... but in our conditions it is hard to experience that. Then they hide it under medical terms: depression, neurosis, consumerism, bipolar disorder, whatever... but basically it's lack of life as something enjoyable.

There's a lot of meaningless things to buy... but it's virtually impossible to get the two essential things: being part of nature and getting meaning (social and personal) from your work. Without those two essential things human life is hardly bearable.

No matter how many gadgets we have, without the basics, we are always in the mere "survival in hell" mode.

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Anonymous said...

I hate work...I agree with lack of nature...I love gadgets though...I want to hit the lotto jackpot...Then life would great for me & I'll build a nice home in my ancestral village and be close to nature...