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Monday, May 19, 2008

Israeli historian on the Naqba, 60 years after.

At Al Jazeera:
Israel 'committing memorycide'.

Ilan Pappe reflects that in 1948 there was a massive ethnic cleansing with massacres everywhere where there was any resistence. Furthermore, he dennounces that there was a massive memory erasing by recycling the old villages into leisure parks. He also mentions that Paestinians have failed to denounce effectively this genocide, at least until recently.

The historian concludes that there is no reason why both communities could not eventually learn to live together in one state. But for that he argues it is necessary to change some attitudes both in the Israeli and the Palestinian camps, the right of return should be acknowledged as well as the right to remain for Israeli Jews.

More interesting articles on the Naqba 60 years after: Al Jazeera - Focus: 60 years of division.

The Apartheid wall of shame

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