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Saturday, May 3, 2008

If democracy falls short, the Inquisition shall not.

(On May 1)

Six days ago a long planned motion of no-confidence failed in Arrasate (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country), because the local councilors of United Left decided to ignore the directives from Madrid and support the left-wing nationalist mayor, Ino Galparsoro. Yesterday Chief Inquistor Baltasar Garzón (most controversial judge of the special political tribunal called Audiencia Nacional) has decided to solve the problem and arrest her.

Mayor Galparsoro (with red jacket), her attorney, Iñigo Iruin (with suit), and some supporters heading towards the Inquisitorial Court.

Charges? Whatever their limited imagination can come up with, you know. Specifically: "collaboraton with terrorist organization" (apparently any consequent Basque nationalist can be accused of that just because of his/her ideology) and "breach of the suspension of activities of EAE-ANV" (the party she belongs to, one of the oldest Basque nationalist organizations). The procedures were initiated just hours after the motion failed (a coincidence, of course) and was supported by the government-appointed Attorney General and by two extreme right organizations (Association of Victims of Terrorism and Dignity and Justice).

To build up some pretense of accusation with whatever they can find on the march, the inquistor has ordered the search of the Town Hall and police creatives are working extra hours writing ex-professo reports. Garzón has also suggested that this kind of arbitrary processes can be extended to the 432 councilors that EAE obtained in the last municipal elections, when it was absurdly allowed to run in some towns and not others (specially not in the main cities). Now the Inquisition seems determined to review its own past actuations in this aspect and declare all EAE elects illegal anyhow.

An so on, and so on. Every single day more of the same old Spanish democratic, tolerant and dialogant temper. That's how democratic Spain is: if they get the votes, we just jail them and problem solved.

Or maybe not. Rather not at all.

Source: Gara: "Garzón sigue la estela de PSOE-PNV y encarcela a la alcaldesa de Arrasate".

Update (May 3):

Thousands demonstrate in Arrasate to demand their mayor's freedom:

Stop the state of emergency! Self-determination for the Basque Nation read the banners

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