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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Greek Y-DNA review at Dienekes

Dienekes: Exploring Y chromosome frequencies in Greece.

This is my cartographic visualization of his data:

And my opinion is that:
  • J21a is basically Cretan. Also at Larissa that seems to have the same clade distribution than overall Crete (and reminds me of Homeric mentions of Pelasgians in both lands)
  • E3b is dominant in mainland Greece (exception made of Agrinion, in the west, and already mentioned Larsissa), with some less important decrease in Macedonia.
  • R1a is most important in the central North (west Macedonia and Kardhitsa) and also in two spots of Crete that were demographically disturbed by the Venetians historically.
  • R1b and I seem to show no or very little structure.

Dienekes mentions a J2a1 vs J2(xJ2a1) negative correlation that may be real but in any case seems pretty secondary overall.

Anyhow, read the original post. I just wanted to post the map.

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