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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Second Basque armed group threatens widespread action

In the latest decades, with the succesive disappearence (either through surrender or forced supression) of all other Basque armed groups, ETA(m) (lately known just as ETA) became the only militant group operating in the Basque Country. Behind laid the many breakup other ETAs (that one after the other pacted surrender with Spain), the Autonomous Anticapitalist Commandos, that were exterminated manu militari, and Iparraterrak, the group operating in the Northern Basque Country, also suppressed by police means.

But recently, another group rooted again in the French-controlled North has become more and more active, generally targetting turistic, real state and public targets with, so far, bloodless attacks. Their name is Irrintzi, that is the traditional Basque cry of victory or satisfaction. Today it's been known that they have made public threats of spreading their activities to all the Basque Country, also south of the border, so far exclussive area of ETA, if the French government doesn't listen to their claims.

In their communication, Irrintzi, adresses the French Republic and the United Nations with the following threat:

Not being possible to negotiate a solution to the Basque problem on either side of the border, we shall threaten the whole French and Spanish territories with armed action.

They ask the UN and EU to encourage France and Spain to respect their compromises with Human Rights and Democracy. They justify these claims on the grounds that the Northern Basque Country lacks of any sort of institutional recognition and in the situation of the South being one of political and military repression without precedent.

To France they demand a referendum and the creation of a frame of institutional autonomy for the Northern Basque Country.

The communication also claims six attacks since autumn 2007: three failed attacks in Angelu (Anglet), against the hotel Arguia, mansion Prinkipo and golf course of Chiberta, the succesful attack against the police station of Bokale (Bocau), and the failed attacks at Bidaxune (Bidache) against post and turism offices. In this context, Irrintzi also makes specific threats against foreign businessmen.

Source: Le Journal du Pays Basque (in French).

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