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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Marcos book soon to be published.

Corte de Caja
will be the original title (sorry but no idea what may that mean in Mexican Spanish) and takes the form of interview by Mexican journalist Laura Castellanos.

In the advance found at Rebelión, the subcomandante Marcos mentions his admiration for Fidel Castro, whom he compares with historical heroes like Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, and Che Guevara, whom he believes was way before his time, that he belonged to a generation not yet fully born. More critical he is with modern left-wing American leaders: he gives the benefit of doubt to Evo Morales, feels plainly disillusionated with Lula and is also relatively critical with Hugo Chávez, of whom he says that has a foot in mediatic politics with aftertaste to "caudillo" and another in the movement that is awakening in Venezuela.

On the Colombian guerrilla FARC he says that they have a huge mediatic campaign against them, trying to link them with drugs trade. On the other Mexican armed group, the People's Revolutionary Army (EPR), he declares to have no contacts with them and that they differ in their strategies: that the EPR is focused in military action, while the Zapatistas are instead dedicated to popular organization.

Regarding the Zapatista movement itself, he says that we are like in 1993 [before the armed uprising of January 1st 1994]. They neither see nor hear us. The disadvantage is that they have already seen and heard us and now just pull us to the side.

But he also believes that the situation of Mexico is of total destruction. That if the elites believe that the people is going to put up with a dictatorship of the party, of the state, they are wrong. No. The country won't stand it.

He also meditates that he was maybe too active in the media early on and that, in contrast, this book may be his last interview.

Marcos with comandante (major) Tacho 1999

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