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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Niger and the Tuareg

Tuareg Culture and News blog has an interesting article on the seldom heard of dramatic situation of Niger and specially Tuaregs in this country. What is on the stake for President Tandja (formerly leader of the military junta) is the free explotation of the bountiful uranium mines in the Sahara, displacing the Tuaregs and exhausting their wells, as well as getting an excuse to change the constitution and extend his mandate indefinitely.

France-backed Niger remains one of the most autocratic states in Africa, where slavery still exists and where freedom of speech is virtually unheard of. It is a situation very similar to that of Darfur but it's not almost touched by the media, partly because of Tandja's success in banning free press, specially in the Tuareg territory.

- Wise Uranium: New Uranium mining projects in Niger.


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Maju said...

Hi there. Interesting site. As you may have noticed I do not have any special focus on Niger, just I blog on things that catch my attention - on a wide range of sucjects. I do have an interest on what is happening on distant places though (well, Niger is not so distant anyhow), specially in areas that are not recieving enough of fair media coverage (say Niger, say Palestine, say Kurdistan...).

Also I recently joined a Berber forum ( because, even if I'm not Tamazhig, I am interested in their issues: after all Basques and Berbers may be the only cultural remnants of the once buoyant Megalithic civilization. It was via that site (actually their main site: from where I found that interesting blog on Tuaregs.