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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Postcards from the Land of the Basques

As the song of my youth went: I live in a place that is like any other place, just that one out of eight is a policeman...

Regional police charged against people who protested against the last arrests in Errenteria. A 65 year old man is in hospital after being badly beaten in the police attack. He and another person arrested. Just the typical everyday Basque stamp.

A nicer and at least equally typical Basque postcard is this one:

Hundreds demonstrated again in Pamplona against the military polygon of Bardeak (Las Bardenas) in southern Navarre, used (and abused) by Spanish and the US pilots equally.

Many other protests took place yesterday, for several reasons, just like almost any day - and just like almost any day they went unheeded by the authorities.

Another even more typical postcard is this one:

Now in the news too because of a huge white-collar robbery: 500,000 euros were diverted by the chief accountant to his own pocket. The director of the extravagant turistic attraction (there is a very good museum in Bilbao but it's not that one), J.I. Vidarte, refuses to resign.

This is my country: healthy cooperative daring people in the streets, thieves and lackeys in the halls of power.


And a postcard update for Sunday:

Police charged against a press conference and one (pictured) made two shots. The oficial version is that he was rounded up by a mob in some sort of ambush but the image shows it's not the case at all.

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