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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The hypocrisy curtain around Israel falling down

The soon-to-be UN investigator on Israel behaviour on the occupied territories, Prof. Richard Falk has defended his decission to compare Israel with Nazi Germany. He declared to BBC:

If this kind of situation had existed for instance in the manner in which China was dealing with Tibet or the Sudanese government was dealing with Darfur, I think there would be no reluctance to make that comparison.

With the story of the Holocaust as pretext, Israel has been all the time manipulating the media and the diplomatic circles with one single objective: getting away with their genocide of Palestinians and their forced incorporation of that country. It seems each time is getting harder for the Zionists to get away impunely. Maybe it has to do with the Holocaust becoming more and more "old history", in comparison with the the very patent actuality and painful dramatism of the Palestinian plea, maybe it has to do in Zionism distorting all the international realtions around a petty resourceless strip of land - not sure but the case is that each day less and less people can accept that Israel is miraculously justified to do all kind of atrocities and war crimes because of something that happened, many kilometers away, long ago, in a totally unrelated context.

But beware: the Israel Lobby is still very powerful, specially in the USA and Europe. Won't happen that, because some UN offcer accuses Israel of war crimes, will suddenly the so-called "international community" (aka USA and clique) intervene to save the Palestinians and their own face. But it's a beginning.

The UN comitted an atrocious colonialist injustice when it decided to divide Palestine in 1948 and therefore the UN has some responsability in solving that long lasting insult against Humankind and preventing any more suffering of the native population at the hands of a racist colony that not so long ago was the best friend of "white" South Africa.

The Nazi comparison is certainly not any excess, indeed.

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