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Friday, April 4, 2008

Clovis not first Americans

It was already quite in doubt but the the finding of human mitochondrial DNA in fossilized faeces of a cave in Oregon, dated to 14,000 years ago, seems to settle the issue definitively. It also suggests that the first Native Americans followed the coastal route as the inner one wasn't available yet.

The mtDNA seems to be associated to people of East and North Asia.

Additionally they found several organic manufactured items: threads, basketry, rope, hides... all extremely rare findings for such an old site.

More in:
- University of Oregon: Researchers, led by UO archaeologist, find pre-Clovis human DNA.
- BBC: Faeces hint at first Americans.
- Science Daily: Pre-Clovis Human DNA found in 14,300-years-old Feces In Oregon Cave is Oldest In New World.

We have broken the Clovis sound barrier
(lead researcher Dennis Jenkins)

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