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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Temporary comment moderation

Sadly, I will have to moderate all comments for some time. There's certain shameless individual (Dinesh Raturi by real name, aka Jhangora, aka Pasota, aka...) who is spamming here all the time (with several identities, including "majuisabiatch") in spite of knowing well he is persona non grata. My apologies to all. Hopefully this temporary measure will be soon lifted, as this guy realizes he's got nothing to do (and hopefully matures a little bit). I can't guarantee anything though.

Please do not let that affect you: I am only going to block this person's rantings because I'm tired of deleting them systematically. All the rest are welcome to post freely, there will just be some minor delay.

For the case the nasty element reads this (and I'm sure he will) let be known that I owe him exactly nothing (maybe the other way around in any case) and that his foolish provoker jester attitude has reached all limits of decency, respect and good taste, while offering absolutely nothing at all. When faced with this, instead of meditate and correct himself, he just looks for how to keep his jester character alive, so desperately that is pathetic. He has a problem, certainly, but it's not my problem.


Anonymous said...

Maju I am setting up my own blog...Cud u plz teach me how to insert links and how have u added links to different blogs and websites on the left hand side of the blog?

Maju said...

Dinesh: I don't care about your existence. I don't want to know about you: you are a pain in the arse and I have already been more than patient with you. It's over, assume it.