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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

French Israel Lobby deposes subprefect

If anybody still doubts of the immense power of the Israel Lobby, in the USA as in Europe and elsewhere, this may make them to think again. Bruno Guigue is a French intellectual (political writer) specialized in the Middle East. He was named sous-préfet (subprefect or vicegovernor) of Saintes in 2007 by a conservative government. In March 13 he published an article critical with the Israel Lobby and its arrogant attitude towards the UN, and also critical of Israeli war crimes in the occupied territories.

In March 18, Luc Rosenzweig, columnist of Libération, attacked this article, acusing Guigue (gratuitously) of antisemitism. Two days later Interior Minister, Michèlle Alliot-Marie, deposed him.

Roszenweig has also been involved in previous outrageous defense of Israeli crimes, when he argued that the murder of 12 year old, Mohammed al Durah, widely denounced in the press worldwide, was actually perpetrated by Palestinians. He's an evident political hitman of the Israel Lobby.

It may sound incredible to some but the real painful fact is the the Israel Lobby, as James Petras has denounced in the context of the USA, is not just a regular lobby but has the very unique power of dictating the policies of most Western countries, at least in regard to the Middle East. This includes censorship and persecution of dissident anti-Israeli opinions (often with gratuitous accusations of "antisemitism") and the framing of wars and colonialist invasions such as that of Iraq.

Source: Bruno Guigue: Ma faute ? Avoir heurté de plein fouet la doxa occidentale (also Spanish language version at Rebelión) and French Wikipedia.

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