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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More doubts and dark spots in the Anza case

The more than murky
case of Jon Anza, ETA militant who disappeared 11 months ago and was found dead at the morgue of Hospital Purpan at the very city he went missing, Tolouse, but after almost a year of fruitless queries and demands is only gaining complexity as days pass.

Yesterday the French Republic practiced the autopsy on the corpse without allowing any physician of the trust of the family to be present. People demonstrated demanding transparency and sensibility towards the family in a case that has already become one of the darkest episodes of the French Justice system since the time of the Dreyfuss affair and were attacked by hordes of gendarmes.

After the mock autopsy, the state attorney in charge, A. Kanayakis, announced the results (confirmation of the previous version: Anza died of complications after a heart attack) and also her resignation from the case, which now passes to an instruction judge.

The Hospital Purpan had by then reported to the press that they had issued three formal notices to the police and missing people office while Anza was still alive, getting no answer.

Meanwhile Spanish newspaper El Mundo, akin to the right but which also played a central role in the uncovering of the GAL network more than a decade ago, reported that two Spanish policemen fled by those dates from a Tolouse hotel, where they had registered by their real names, forgetting two pistols under the matresses.

This newspaper also reported earlier that Anza was custodian of 300,000 euros, while he carried only 500 when he was found.

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