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Friday, March 12, 2010

Missing ETA member... at a French morgue

For almost a year different people have asked openly or just wondered in the privacy of their their own minds where was Jon Anza, the ETA member who had gone missing. Most of course suspected he had been killed by the Spanish police, either intentionally or "accidentally" in an "excess" of torture. Some were surely happy about it, others indifferent, others worried, sad or angry. But the question was there.

He had not disappeared in Spanish territory though but in French lands. ETA itself announced it: Jon Anza had not arrived to an expected meeting: he had disappeared while at the train.

Now Jon Anza, what is left of him, appears at at the morgue of Tolouse. The details are yet unclear but everybody is wondering how is it possible that the French Police could not know earlier, much earlier, that the corpse was that of a "most wanted" man, whose medical file they had in their hands all the time.

The news was filtered by the French police to France 3 yesterday afternoon, seemingly just after informing his family that they believed so but were yet in wait of the DNA tests, which should be finished by today.

According to the "official" version, Jon Anza arrived normally at Tolouse on April 18th, and, in April 29th, eleven days later, he "fainted" or "was injured, disoriented and had a heart attack" and was brought to a hospital where he remained until his death, 13 days later.

In spite of the huge mediatic echo at both sides of the border, the detailed information provided by ETA itself (that even informed the French police of the fact that the fingerprints from a hideout were those of Anza, and, of course, of the Bayonne-Tolousse train journey he realized and where he went missing), the protests demanding to know what had happened to the militant... the French Justice system was apparently unable to even take a look at the corpses in the morgue of Tolouse?

I don't know what to think but it's really incredible.

Gara, which is the source of this information, reports that the website of the Ministry of Interior where such information is displayed, shows Jon Anza as still missing (one among 42 adult individuals) and only one unidentified corpse: that of a woman at Marseilles.

How has the corpse of Jon Anza remained unidentified at the morgue of Tolouse and yet never figured in that list? Or has been all the time identified and someone gave order of not reporting? Or...?


The state prosecutor, Anne Kayanakis, says she did inquire at Purpan Hospital of Tolouse (where the corpse has been all this time, according to what is said now) and she was told that there was no corpse without identification. Error or conspiration?

According to her, Jon Anza was brought to the hospital with a cardiac-respiratory arrest on April 29th. He stayed at the hospital after reanimation and died on May 11th.

His corpse remained at the hospital's morgue for all this time, when in a "merely casual" way, a member of the Legal Medicine Institute commented to a police friend that there was an unidentified corpse there.

Not just she did inquire the hospital but also the law obligues all medical centers to report any unidentified corpse to the police. But this didn't happen either.

Also Anza's relatives have been denied access to the corpse by the prosecutor, after order directly from the Ministry of Justice of Paris. What are they trying to hide?

Source: Gara.


The largest Basque labor union (an important referent in this undemocratic situation we suffer), Basque Workers' Solidarity (ELA) has declared that the official version is just unbelievable and demands an independent investigation.

T. Fernánez at Gara (among other similar opinions) emphasizes that if the official version has anything to do with reality, then Jon Anza should have been identified some 10 months ago or, otherwise, be buried at the cemetery of Cornebarrieau. He illustrates the situation with two real examples of unindentified victms attended at the same hospital facility as supposedly was Jon Anza.

Relatives and friends of Jon Anza, along with their attorneys, insist that the only believable version is that the ETA militant was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by Spanish policemen in French territory, in a death-squad style action as used to happen with the GAL. They make a call to go to the Tolouse morgue on monday at 8:30 am to demonstrate against the imposition that no physician with the trust of the family is present at the autopsy.

Update (Mar 14):

All political parties, even the Spanish nationalist ones,
have declared that an investigation must happen. The differences are in the details: the Spanish bloc rejected accusations of "dirty war" and declared their trust in the official version, although they did agree that the matter deserves investigation. On the other side, the Basque Nationalist Party suggested that it looks like a work from the Spanish police.

Update (Mar 15):

Thousands of people demonstrated at Donostia (San Sebastian) under the slogan "End epression and dirty war". For a change police did not show up and the demonstration could end without inccidents.

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