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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

US agent behind the Mumbai attacks

Michael Chossudovsky already
said it more than a year ago: the Mumbai attacks were planned and executed by the USA intelligence services.

Now, with the arrest and trial of David Coleman Headley at Chicago, it seems that he was right. However as soon as light seemed to be thrown on the massacre, the evidence is being hidden under a mountain of secrecy.

That's what M.K. Bhadrakumar exposes at Asia Times Online: that Headley's plea bargain will allow the actual big terrorists behind him to escape unharmed, while he gets a low sentence and the real plot behind him, that surely involves the CIA, will be classified top secret. He won't be even extradited to India but judged in Chicago under a plea bargain that includes not naming the four liasons he had in Pakistan.

This, I understand, underlines the delicate geopolitical situation of India, trapped in the "great game" of two major enemies (the USA is no real ally nor is China of course) both allied with its main direct rival: Pakistan, in order to fulfill the divide et impera leit motiv of the imperialist policies in South, Central and West Asia.

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