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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Greece becomes a colony... in exchange of nothing

Greece has got just "good words" (and "not a cent" as the German economy minister put it) in exchange of ceding the control of its whole economy to the IMF and Brussels. The, ahem, "socialdemocratic" government is now approving the so-called "austerity measures" which include massive cut of social spending and high tax raises.

Naturally, this has caused some serious street warfare between police and revolutionaries, reminding of the serious conflict that took place last winter, still under conservative rule. Though divided, Greece has one of the strongest revolutionary traditions in modern Europe, so I still have hope that the people will overturn these abusive ultra-capitalist and colonialist measures for which, in the very words of PM Papandreou, they did not vote the socialdemocrats to power.

James Petras, whom I just now realize is Greek by ancestry, declared to Uruguayan Radio Centenari that "the worst in Greece is what the imperialist European countries like Germany, and also the USA, demand: that the control of the economy is transfered to the IMF, Germany and France. This is the colonization of the economy".

Source: Gara.

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