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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are Colombian death squads spreading to Venezuela?

We all know by now (I presume) that Colombia is a narcostate controlled by the USA and the mafias, which are the same as the fascist organizations with a liberal pretext, so-called political parties, and the death squads, and that they kill almost everybody who dares to speak out or create grassroots organizations.

But what is new (at least for me) is that such mafioso fascist death squads operate also in Venezuela. Sadly it seems to be the case with several members of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV by its Spanish acronym) being murdered in the last weeks in the state of Táchira, ruled by a right wing governor.

The first time I read about such murders, I did not pay too much attention (after all, so many sad and brutal things happen in this poor little planet we live in) but as I read of further murders (it's already three politicians I know that have been killed in that state) I began to wonder. So I went to Wikipedia to find out about the geographical location of Táchira, because I had the heartbeat that it was at the border of Colombia. Bingo!

So what do we have: two PSUV politicians killed in the same state bordering Colombia in the last week (Rosalba Molina and Jorge Enrique Medina) and yet another one (Junior Alexander Hermoso) on May 9th 2009. We have a right wing governor (César Pérez Vivas), a long border with hostile Colombia, an terrorist narcostate controlled by fascist mafias at the service of US imperialism.

Some months ago a "liberal" Venezuelan (former?) reader asked me somewhat sarcastically how would the attack against Venezuela happen. I did not have an answer then but now I have the strong feeling that this is how: infiltrating death squads from Colombia, with the support of a right wing governor, in order to de-stabilize the country in the eve of new elections.

Source for some of the data: Rebelión.

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