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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dark matter, dark energy and... dark flow!

I'm starting to think that cosmologists are truly in the dark about what's really going on in our Universe.

But it's intriguing anyhow.

A large are of the sky is affected by it: galaxies in that zone are moving at incredibly high speeds ("a million miles per hour") apparently towards something that is beyond our horizon (that is: farther than 13.5 billion light years, which is the age of the Universe). The opposite sense of the motion is not totally ruled out but seems quite less likely.

More details at Science Daily.

So what is it? Is it some sort of sink hole by which this universe gets lost into some other universe (of whichever number of dimensions)? Is it the coalescing big crunch, the super-huge-macro-giga-ultra-giant black hole that would suck the universe in order to create a new Big Bang in a parallel reality (time only seems to exist within our universe, not clearly outside it)? No damn idea!


DocG said...

It's: Tiny Alice.

Maju said...

Not sure if I understand your theory though it doesn't sound bad. Reminds me of Dirac Sea and also of Strings Theory but kinda vaguely.

DocG said...

It's a "crackpot" theory that I had fun working out, but won't claim to be able to defend. However, it was developed in the mid-70's, before anyone but the pioneers knew anything about string theory and it does have something important in common with string theory, i.e., the notion of extra dimensions "folded" into a tiny space, close to the Planck length. It also combines the notion of a black hole and an elementary particle in a manner similar to recent speculations on quantum gravity.

But I'm not a physicist, just someone with an active imagination.