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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Judge accepts denounce against Julio Núñez and provincial government in the Iruña-Veleia archaeological destruction case

In a hopeful twist in the Iruña-Veleia scandal, Instruction Judge no. 1 of Vitoria-Gasteiz has accepted the denounce against the new site director Julio Núñez (left, "at work") and the provincial government of Araba for the alleged destruction of patrimony, as evidenced by photos, videos and testimonies previously discussed in this blog.

In the denounce it is requested that the Director Plan for the Vasco-Roman site of Iruña-Veleia is paralyzed urgently on light of it not being even respected at all by chief archaeologist Núñez. It is also requested that judicial police and independent experts survey piles of disposed soil with embedded archaeologically remains.

Source: Noticias de Alava[es]

Update: a comic by Zaldieroa (Crazy Horse). It's not really new (May) but it is funny anyhow:

1st panel:
In the Ivory Tower of Irati (a large forest in the Pyrenees)

2nd panel
Goblin: My Lord, here there are the latest reports on Veleia.
Lord: Still with that issue around?
Goblin: Yes, my Lord.

3rd panel
Lord: But... tell me... has the ergative been found in Veleia?
Goblin: Not, my Lord, there is no trace of any ergative.
Lord: Then they are false, 'leñe'!! That is not genuine Basque!

Note: the Lord is described in previous cartoons, as Euskal Taliban Jatorra (the purebred Basque Taliban), the goblin is called Yoda. The "Taliban" is depicted often as a linguistic purist of the worst kind.


Unknown said...
En el siguiente enlace toda la información al asalto de LURMEN-UAM al yacimiento de Iruña Veleia.

Maju said...

Asalto "de Lurmen" o más bien asalto "contra Lurmen"?

Porque yo tengo muy muy claro que Lurmen son los buenos en esta historia y que los que están apadrinando, con mentiras y métodos inquisitoriales, la mitología celtista son Gorrochategui y cía.