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Leherensuge was replaced in October 2010 by two new blogs: For what they were... we are and For what we are... they will be. Check them out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advance notice: Leherensuge to be replaced very soon by two new blogs

Not yet, but as I promised some months ago, Leherensuge will be branched out into two new more specialized new blogs. And it will be soon.

The reason I have delayed so much is because I could not find good names. However, finally the light came to me after posting on the Congress of Historians of Navarre a few days ago. This post closed with a sentence from celebrated Basque author Pio Baroja:

For what they were we are, for what we are they will be. 

This sentence of deep historical meaning, both looking to the past and to the future, really reflects well what I have been trying to address in Leherensuge so far and the two halves in which I mean to split my future blogging.

And that's how the two new blogs are named:

For what they were... we are, will deal with the past: Prehistory, Anthropology, Genetics, some History too maybe. One of the pillars of this blog. 

For what we are... they will be instead will deal with news from here and there, the Class War in all its aspects, as well as whatever other issue of current affairs I can think of. 

Admittedly, some times I may have doubts where to post something. In such cases, I may double post it. 

So, I insist, this won't be yet but will be very soon (days or weeks). The most difficult task was to figure out the names, now only the preliminary work remains to be done (design details, maybe a page or post with thematically organized links to most important posts in Leherensuge for the past-looking blog). 

One of these days, when I feel satisfied with those last details, I will write my last Leherensuge post, which will be the closure notice, with due links and all that.

Feel free to visit either or both blogs in their preliminary state and comment on the design (here preferably for now). I welcome criticisms and ideas (though I will follow my own preferences ultimately, of course). 

I hope you will all like and enjoy these two new sites, which are nothing but this blog's continuity, the same or even more as you did here.


Anonymous said...

Maju since u r not interested in placing adsense or other ads I would suggest u consider moving to WordPress. Setting up a sub-domain blog on blog is free like blogger + it is truly open source unlike blogger. There are thousands of developers involved in the WordPress community and the plugins are really great. One is not stuck with plugins provided by google like on blogger and u can even develop ur own!

Good luck with the new blogs. Howz ur blog on dreams developing?

Maju said...

I thought WP was paid. Well, next time maybe.

I don't like too much the uniform white color template anyhow.

My blog on dreams is a mere dream diary. It's open because I'm quite open but that's it.

Anonymous said...

WordPress can be as colourful as ur imagination. Check out WordPress founder's blog ...

U don't even have to create 2 separate blogs. Just use categories to divide the posts.

WordPress is available in 2 versions :

* Free sub-domain blogs like blogger -

* As a software for self hosted blogs -

I am not sure about .com but if u have ur own hosting u can have multiple installations of Wordpress. I have two on one domain -

Also check out ...

Maju said...

Call it conservatism: I am familiar with blogger, it works generally well for me, it does not ask me if I am sure I want to subscribe to a thread, please click this coded esotheric link (just allows to unsubscribe), it has colorful skins (not just white) and doesn't force you to have ads in the free version.

Also I'm not likely to follow the random advise of someone who writes "u" instead of "you" and blogs on commercial products he probably sells himself (or gets paid per click or whatever you are into for money, because I know it's your obsession). ;P

However I must say that some of your previous advises made some sense (feedback burn, "pages" aka tabs), even if I felt you were rather 'demanding' rather than explanatory. I will use some of what you said back then in the new blogs.

I am however staying with Blogger for the time being just because it has worked ok for me so far. I have absolutely nothing against Wordpress and, who knows, maybe I'll try in the future.