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Thursday, September 9, 2010

9/11 nine years on

Washington Blog has a lengthy list of "old" news telling of important people (members of the official 9/11 commission, senior intelligence officers, congressmen and other government officials) strongly doubting the official version on the attacks and denouncing the cover-up around this key event of recent history, of ongoing history.

This should be enough almost anywhere to have a ongoing national debate on the authorship and real goals of the attack. It should be enough certainly to consider that the inside-job theory is pretty much mainstream.

But the media is being gagged in this as in many other key issues, ranging from Israel to the Louisiana oil spill catastrophe. One wonders what media that cannot be critical with the authorities is worth for... and the obvious answer is: mere propaganda and mass brainwashing.

And without the media echoing the alternative versions of what was in fact 9/11 and thoughtlessly repeating once and again the official and obviously false version of the events, a lot of people can still keep their blind faith in the system and the authorities.

Lincoln seems to have said that "you can't fool everybody forever" but the Cheney-Rumsfeld school of imperial ruling seems to think that it's enough if you can fool most for a few decades. And for that they have the unbelievably sheepishly or coerced consent of the media, every day concentrated in less and less hands, and hence every day less and less free.

But it's not just the usual media, I knew recently that the most relevant person (of a small camarilla) controlling that the Wikipedia article on the September 11 attacks, someone known as MONGO, works for the US Department of Homeland Security, issue that was "resolved" by declaring he has no "conflict of interest" whatsoever. This kind of manipulations and lack of justice and balance and even the difficulty to speak the truth if it happens to be "unpolite" was what brought me out of collaborating with Wikipedia anymore. Obviously there needs to be new wikipedias because the extant one cannot be neutral, just institutionalist.

This is nothing new, really, and it means that the attack on freedom of speech and truthful information has also arrived to the Internet and did in fact some time ago. But it brings me to what do I understand 9/11 was and is: a coup d'êtat.

The 9/11 coup

In this cases, when there is any doubt, it is always good asking qui bono?: whom does this benefit?

I had doubts right that fatal day. As I watched avidly the news, as did nearly everybody on Earth, I realized that there were very odd contradictions regarding the figure of Mohammed Atta, the supposed leader of the attacks, who allegedly died in one of the planes. On one side the German secret service, BND, famed for its seriousness and efficiency, claimed that they had watched Atta in Hamburg and were certain he was not any Taliban nor member of Al Qaeda but actually a member of the insurgent Northern Alliance. His father then claimed from Egypt that he had talked with him after the attacks and that he was alright. Additionally I was surprised that the popular leader of the Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Massoud, had been just murdered on September 9, just two days before the attacks.

I became strongly suspicious and time and information has only made those suspicions grow to a clear understanding that what happened in 9/11 was an inside job. An inside job like no other I could think of, not just because of its dimension, but specially for its implications for the USA and its "Empire", and by extension the whole World.

I started to think that it was nothing but a coup. A coup intended to further institutionalize the Empire and specially a coup against freedoms and rights in the Western World.

Besides Afghanistan which was clearly in the equation when the macabre performance went off, and besides Iraq, which was soon included in the package (it seems that this was Rumsfeld's idea)... besides the Greater Middle East becoming this way an easier target for US-NATO imperialism, there are clear implications for the US and its global extensions. The implications are loss of civil rights and even residual democracy altogether, whose most infamous expression is the Patriot Act but that actually include a large array of fascist laws and directives duly implemented by the George Bush Jr. government but also now by Obama's, who has all the time not just avoided to discuss these extremist abuses by his predecessor but is actually using and expanding them.

The situation is not much better in Europe. Ten years ago the fascistoid attitudes of Berlusconi and Aznar were rather exceptional in my continent. Today they are totally "normal" (Sarkozy for instance, Berlusconi is not anymore snubbed...) and the diffuse dream of a united democratic Europe that existed then has totally waned, as the constitution was imposed by the bureaucracies and EU has now become a mere secretariat for the corporations and NATO. You still do not see many of the involutionary extremes that happen in the USA but it's clear that the EU will follow the USA to hell if demanded as the lapdog it is. Any dream of reorganizing EU as an independent power in the wake of the Cold War has vanished.

But maybe most important is the growing role of the imperial military and corporative superstructure across borders and oceans. Probably the coup really means to create a real Empire, gradually maybe but steadily in any case. And for that civil liberties and freedom of speech must be curtailed and brought under control.

Whatever structures are to exist in an Empire they must be not really democratic. Some formal or consultative democracy and also local subordinated democracy can be tolerated but the structure is designed for the oligarchs, not the common people, so it does not matter too much what these think.

Besides there is no real need for the human rights, democratic and welfare decorations to exist anymore now that the Soviet threat has been annihilated. Earlier it was maybe necessary in order for people not jump the Berlin Wall in the "wrong direction" but now it is superfluous. Triumphant Capitalism can now show itself naked even if ugly and scary. This display of terrifying ugliness is, according to George Orwell, one of the characteristics of totalitarianism, of bullies: I am ugly but you don't dare to laugh at me.

So the oligarchs can now get rid of all those extras, those crumbs they used to throw to their subjects in order to keep them content. 9/11 served, by creating a mass panic to "terrorism" to introduce all kind of abuses and totalitarian laws, specially in the USA but not only.

The perfect foe: Islamic Fundamentalism

Also, the new sock-puppet enemy, Islamic Fundamentalism, a creation of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia essentially anyhow, is the perfect foe. As the ghetto ideology and as the reactionary ideology it is, it poses no significant threat of expansion, unlike Communism, and can be used in a wide and strategic but limited area of the World to pit factions against factions in the usual policy of
divide et impera. For these geopolitical engineers, who may have some evil genius after all, the whole Muslim World is a petri dish with very special conditions and Islamic Fundamentalism is a bacterial culture they are experimenting with. Experimenting with in order to cause panic and in order to get pretexts for imperialist interventions of all sorts.

And it is also intended to cause confusion in the ideological sphere, because, since 9/11 util very recently, the debate, which still was about Capitalism and Socialism, has been hijacked by a pseudo-debate on religion and culture on which little can be said other than I like or I don't like this or that. It has been hijacked in the Muslim World, where it has been used to promote reaction, and it has been hijacked in the West, where it has been used to promote reaction as well.

In depth, both sides of the Fundamentalist false debate agree: let's fight, and let's bring our peoples back to the Dark Ages, be them Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Hindu... but Dark Ages in any case. There is absolutely nobody arguing for human progress and human freedom in this false debate, just for "join us" and "hate them". The goal is to kill illustration and democracy so the oligarchs can reign unopposed.

It is a coup with very deep and very evil intent.

I could continue but it is not my intention to write a book, so I'll stop here.

Further resources on why 9/11 was an inside job and its implications:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, specially the Evidence section. [Update: their evidence presentation today has attracted some media attention: Yahoo News, Forbes and other agencies and media echo it].

Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

Voltaire Net: Themes: September 11th, 2001

Global Research: 9/11 and "War on Terrorism"

The evidence for a controlled demolition of both Twin Towers and building 7 (not hit by any airplane or anything but key for the plot) is overwhelming. Other counter-evidence is pretty strong as well. The official version is a huge lie.


Chet said...

Great article and I whole heartly agree with what you had to say. Supposedly they found ID's of some of the so called hijackers on top of the rubble in good condition. That is impossible. Just saying if the planes did hit the towers the flames would of totally destroyed them and if they floated down they would have been buried in the rubble.

Maju said...

I did not know of that supposed DNA found but sounds really impossible.

Anyhow, what is really solid is that skyscrapers do not fall down in a fire, specially not in a fire of the upper floors and very specially not vertically like in a controlled demolition. And if all these impossibles happened together, you would not find rests of nanotermite all around nor would you find carefully serrated pillars at 45 degrees inwards, what is only done in a controlled demolition.

And it's also pretty strong the evidence against what hit the Pentagon being a plane of any sort, specially a large one, as this could not be maneuvered to hit the bluiding almost at ground level and, also, it should have left some sort of mark for the wings, which it did not. See this previous post (I forgot to include Pilots for Truth in the list of informative links - I'll correct that now).

What I understand it is hard to believe is that so many people have been brought together to pact of silence under security and military laws but the fact is that people who has evidence like that FEMA videographer exiled in Argentina because he fears for his life for merely telling the truth. We do know that many people, if not all, travelling in the supposedly hijacked planes were top level military/spy personnel (Meissan was able to track some but Iranian and Russian sources confirmed him that most were, probably all). They are probably alive though with new identities, considering that some of their close relatives have been promoted and defend the official version... but where are they? Why do not they speak, even to, say, Wikileaks? Fear, money, loyalty, callousness towards their own government murdering their own people? There's indeed a lot of people implied and they surely risk a sudden death if they speak out.

And it is also important how the media deals with this. After all, it is routinely claimed that 9/11 was a work of Al Qaeda, when all the evidence points to it being work of the US secret services working under the White House. And, while the counter-evidence is now more and more dealt with as plausible, with some more room in the media, it still has a long way to reach the tribunals or congress.

Well, whatever the case, the 9/11 scandal, which is only gradually gaining force, is able to totally make people despair about their rulers. This is a stage of despair and passive rebellion people do not want to reach, specially as they are generally proud of their status as US citizens and the supposed high standards of democracy of the North American republic. So in general common people wants to believe the official version, and so does the media, and of course that is what the government (this one as the previous one) wants. They do not want the whole system to be challenged by a plot that is much worse than Watergate or any other scandal before, even worse than the murder of Kennedy.

A democratic government does not attack some of its most emblematic buildings at two of its largest cities, killing so many, just to make a propaganda stunt... or does it?

It does indeed but for that reason precisely it must be said that democracy in the USA (and elsewhere) is now just a decorative performance and not the way countries are actually ruled.

Kepler said...

Maju, please!

Can you give me a source about Atta not being a fundamentalist anti-US?
About the BND? No, I don't want a link from some monolingual US American, I would like to read a serious German source about what the BND said or did not say.

I have seen zig documentaries from Germany. There were plenty of people who knew about Atta and his evolution there. You cannot hide such a conspiracy like that. The guy was there.


Not even Robert Fisk believes in these conspiracy theories of yours...and for that he is seen as a loco by all the guys like you.

Parece que estar en ese rincón de España contribuye a crear conspiraciones.

Maju said...

You do not trust my memory or my word? Fine. I'was going to bother searching for a source when you insulted my country by calling it "that corner of Spain".

So fuck you. Do it yourself.

Maju said...

Kepler: Just watch THIS (doubled to Spanish).

The English version has also been posted now at Leherensuge.