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Sunday, September 19, 2010

French Inquisition persecutes Israel boycott activists

A French court has accepted a denounce by the Zionist Lobby (specifically an organization called "National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism", which looks similar to the USA-based Anti-Defamation League, or as it's popularly known: "Defamation League") has brought charges against the
Coordination of Appeals for a Just Peace in the Near East (CAPJPO by its French acronym) for allegedly constituting an "offense of incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence against a group of people on account of their belonging to the Israeli nation", for filming and posting the video below (a festive boycott protest at a Carrefour supermarket against Israeli imports).

Source: Jews Sans Frontieres.

The accusations, obviously meant to criminalize the anti-apartheid movement for a free Palestine, have only been brought against the main promoter of the action and not against the many other signatories, including a Jewish organization (IJAN) and a state-wide party (New Anti-Capitalist Party), which would have been inconvenient for the Zios to attack.

Well, the least I can do is to post here the video again:

Who is the Nazi? Who is persecuting in our dear Europe freedom of speech and democracy? Who is the Antisemite here? We must remember that Palestinians are, by nature of their language, Semites, at least as much as any Jew (many of which don't even speak Hebrew fluently or at all). Furthermore, as I have argued before Palestinians are much more likely to be the genuine descendants of ancient Jews (and Canaanites, etc.) than the Euro-Mediterranean Jewish diaspora, which seems rather related to Lebanese and Cypriots (Phoenicians?). Yes Semitic as well, but not the only ones. The modern Antisemitism is irrational hatred against Arabs, and in this Zios are avant-guard. Hitler would be very proud of them. After all you don't need to be German to be a Nazi, you can perfectly be Jewish or whatever.

I'm damn tired of the tolerance and official protection provided to these Zionazi groups. Jews are not persecuted anywhere anymore, Israel is a genocidal imperialist project that has no right to exist from the viewpoint of Justice and the rights of the peoples. It's time to stop once for all this abhorrent situation in the Mediterranean. It's time to dismantle Israel or what is the same: the Jewish racist state of apartheid and genocide in the land of Palestine.

And it's about time for Europe to fully break all links to Israel and ostracize it as the rogue fascist state it is.

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