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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

US gives carte blanche to Israel on Iran

That is what Joe Biden, the US vice-president, declared in a TV interview:

Israel has a sovereign right to decide how to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions whether the United States agrees or not.

I always find interesting, albeit scary, these kind of declarations in support of the Apartheid regime in Palestine, an illegitimate nuclear power itself, even if that means attacking another state and causing an international crisis of unknown dimensions.

In contrast of those who have raised hopes that the Obama administration could put pressure on Israel to finally solve the regional conflicts, what I see is that behind Obama's smile there is a truly ultra-Zionist apparatus that will support the Zionist regime no matter what, even if maybe trying to show a more amicable face to the World.

It seems that the Zionist racist and nuclear regime has sovereign right, while others like the Palestinian Authority lead by Hamas or Iran, or say North Korea or whatever, do not have any sort of sovereign right whatsoever. If the USA would be fair, all these totalitarian regimes should be treated equally and not give a red carpet to the Zionist regime trying to isolate and boycott the rest.


El said...

You can chill out, Bidden comments about Israel is just a tool in the nagotiation between US and Iran. He is just saying to the Iranians: "We will talk nicely and while we do that we will hold this mad dog (israel) on a lish but there is always a chance this dog will run away and will byte you, as you know he is mad and who knows what will happen". So dont get too excited, this is just same old politics.

Maju said...


Don't know. I am anyhow more concerned about Israel's real nuclear arsenal than about the Iranian hypothetical one, notably as some Zionist already made threats against Europe in the wake of the Gaza massacre early this year.

Israel is an outlaw and the USA and Europe feed it. Of course you can argue it's "just politics" but I think that power politics nowadays are outdated and that Global politics are needed instead.

That's why I think that we must start building those Global politics from scratch and with good ethical foundations, so Israel must go because such a racist genocidal regime has no room in the World we dream of.