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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More evidence for Clovis-age meteorite impact

The controversial extra-terrestrial explanation for the extinction of North American megafauna some 13,000 years ago, has now got further evidence.

A team lead by Douglas J. Kennet has found nanodiamonds mixed with sooth in sediments dated to 12,900 years ago at the Channel Islands of California. These nanodiamonds are typically created under the massive pressures and heat of a meteoric impact, as the one some believe caused the pre-Clovis extinction.

The smoking gun?

The date of this event matches with the extinction of the of so many American large mammals, like the horse. Earlier this year, the same team found similar nanodiamonds at several North American locations.

The findings suggest that it was not humans who massacred the megafauna but actually something much more powerful arriving from outer space.

Source: Science Daily.

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