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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victor Grauer's archaeology of music

Some of the readers of this blog may have noticed that one of several links in the blogroll has goon suddenly active again after almost a whole year of hibernation. It's Music 000001 of Victor Grauer whose fascinating research on the possibility of an archaeology of music caught my attention since I first stumbled with that blog.

Somewhat confusingly, the blog is written like a book, so one would have to go to the oldest post and read from the beginning to fully grasp what Victor is talking about. Luckily he has now added an index at the top of the blog, which is very helpful.

But what really brought me to write this entry is that his latest post includes links to three of his academic papers that include the essentials, if not most, of his exploration. He has been granted authorization by the publishers to make them freely available to his blog readers and that means, I guess, it would not be ethical to directly link them from here.

But I can link to his post where he provides the links, check it:

Music 000001 - 173. Articles now available for download.

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