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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spanish nationalists attack farmhouse

The farmhouse of the Goikoetxea family in Getxo, Biscay, was attacked yesterday in open light by some parapolicial commando. They graffitied the walls with pro-Spanish slogans and death threats and set fire to the house. The rapid intervention of a neighbour prevented it to spread beyond its origin.

The family was outside celebrating the birthday of Zigor Goikoetxea, who was sent to prision for two years for "threats" against all the evidence (police agents themselves declared they had not heard any threat) in another example of Spanish "justice". His brother Arkaitz, in prision, is awaiting trial for allegedly leading an ETA cell.

The Councilor of Interior "by the grace of God" (i.e. without any democratic backing), Rodolfo Ares, made declarations in this regard that were extremely ambiguous, including insults against the victims of the attack, in another example that for Spanish nationalists there are two standards: one for them, teribly laxe, and another for the rest, as strict and demanding as their sick imaginations can figure.

Source: Gara (links in text).


joe90 kane said...

I have to say L
it's great to have an English language blog that's about all things Basque (and beyond).

A good blog of contact with things Scottish is -
The Scottish Patient

You'll find much Basque material on TSP's blog.

all the best

as usual, it's good to see the Basque flags out on the 'Tour de France' although not as many as usual this year, for obvious reasons

Maju said...

And beyond... right. :-)

But I'm glad you like it, really.

I'll put that blog on my reading list (and maybe later can end up in the blogroll list, when I'm more familiar and if I think it's really worth it). I'm browsing it right now. Thanks for the recommendation because, sincerely, I'm not following Scotland much atm - so it should help me to keep me informed.

Not sure about the tour. I watched one stage one day I was quite bored but I'm no fan of masochistic sports. I believe that Euskaltel has not done bad (someone got the mountain maillot, which is the most important one after the yellow jacket) but, as usual, not enough to win much.


joe90 kane said...

Top man Maju.

You are not following much as you say, and we here are not following much in Pais Vascos - that's the corporate media for you.

This is why blogs like your's are the biz!

Maju said...

Yah, the big media sucks. Thanks again for your compliments.

Carlos Garai said...

Another great website on the Basque Country, among other subjects is the Tsavkko's Blog - The Angry Brazilian.

Ken said...

I would think a nationalist would be scared to do such a thing without official collusion, they would be worried that Zigor Goikoetxea's farmhouse would be under some kind of police surveillance.

Maju said...

Of course, Ken: I have no doubt about it. It's the police or their close friends. I can't technically know for sure, of course, but it's just self-evident because of the impunity.

It's like Dubai saying they are 99% sure it's the Mossad who killed that Hamas guy: they lack the hard evidence but it's self-evident, obvious.