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Monday, June 22, 2009

Visitor map reset and year recount

Just got notification that the ClustrMaps geographic visitor counter is going to be reset. Seems it's been counting visitors for a whole year now, so the counter starts over.

So guess it's a good reason to post the current yearly stats for Leherensuge:

(click to expand)

9156 unique visits have stopped by (between the 08-09 Summer solstices) from the following administrative divisions:

  • More than 3000: USA.
  • More than 500: Spain, France and UK.
  • More than 100: Canada, Netherlands, India, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Belgium and Italy.
  • More than 50: Finland, Portugal, Turkey, China, Sweden, Brazil, Israel (sic) and Mexico.
  • More than 25: Poland, Morocco, Norway, Greece, Japan, Czechia, Switzerland, Russia, Rumania, Hungary, South Africa and Singapore.
  • More than 10: UAE, Croatia, Ireland, Serbia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Austria, South Korea, Bangladesh, Jordan, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina, European Union (eu domain probably), Pakistan, Slovakia and Egypt.
  • More than 5: Slovenia, Colombia, Chile, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, Palestine Territory, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Tunisia, Lebanon, Taiwan and Algeria.
  • And many many other places with 5 hits or less.

For the ongoing counter, just scroll all the way down any page at Leherensuge.


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