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Thursday, June 11, 2009


The situation of
massive vote rigging in the EP elections in Spain is very worrisome and basically means that democracy is just an empty word, something that is only valid for the institutional parties and not for any dissidents.

At the moment of writing this representatives of Internationalist Initiative - Solidarity among the Peoples had been expelled from the provincial recount at Barcelona (one of the provinces where this list would have got largest support and where vote tampering has been particularly notable) and forbidden access to the more than suspicious null votes in several other provinces, notably Guadalajara (but yesterday was also mentioned Valladolid).

Private citizens have now been able to confirm that in many cases their vote to this list was not even registered in the acts. This is the case at least in Valencia and Valladolid, though the information will surely grow as the official recount continues, for which the law allows for as much as four days.

It was also known today that, even if abstention has increased, the vote by mail has grown 2.5% but that in embassies like the one in Luxemburg, the list of II-SP was simply not an available option.

But even more worrisome is how ALL Spanish media are ignoring this issue altogether. Basque newspaper Gara even talks of a state omertá (omertá is the accomplice and fearful silence that surrounds the activities of the mafia in southern Italy). This includes media that in other circumstances would try to appear as critical.

Personally I think more in terms of institutional coup, because if such a political force like II-SP would happen to become a real alternative force throught the state, a true tool for fraternity among the peoples of Spain against the post-fascist pseudo-democratic regime, we could even start dreaming of a confederal republic, a socialist one, and that is something that the regime fears more than anything.

"I leave it all well tied up", these are arguably the most famous words of the former Spanish dictator F. Franco. The possibility of radical change in Spain is institutionally impossible, as is a more balanced power-sharing among the different ethnicities. If there is any slight chance that such hing could ever happen, then the institutional bloc will rally together against it, criminalize it, silence it and, if all that doesn't work, cheat in elections against it.

That is what happened this last Sunday.

And that is why democratic means in Spain are just off the counter for anyone who thinks different. So what options do we have left?

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