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Monday, June 22, 2009

Skull and Bones. Geronimo's ones, it seems.

Very curious, albeit brief, news item I just spotted at BBC:

US tries to stop Geronimo lawsuit

US officials have moved to block a legal bid by descendants of Apache leader Geronimo to have his remains reburied.

Geronimo's relatives say some body parts were stolen almost 100 years ago by members of a society linked to Yale University to keep in their clubhouse.

The relatives want to rebury the warrior, who died in 1909, near his birthplace in New Mexico.

But the justice department has asked a federal judge to dismiss their lawsuit.

The society, known as Skull and Bones, is alleged to have stolen some of Geronimo's remains from a burial plot in Oklahoma in 1918.

Remember when the electoral debate was raging in the USA some five years ago and the aspirant Mr. Kerry was asked what did it mean that both he and Mr. Bush had been members of the same elitist secret society at Yale Uniuversity? He rapidly dismissed the issue with a sharp answer: "nothing". But this did not stop people from researching and speculating on the meaning and importance of this society.

Since 1982 the records of members of this society are secret.

It is at least surprising that the US justice department has been so quick in intervene in this issue, confirming somehow the suspicions that float around the club.

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