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Monday, June 15, 2009

My computer broke down

This Saturday. It would not even start at all. After much going around, trying this and that, I decided it was the BIOS. Guess it was just old enough for a computer: 6 years and a half. What happened with those machines that lasted for a whole lifetime?

I was quite worried because a typical new PC, even if prices have gone down somewhat is rather expensive for my surivalist economy. But luckily today I found one for only 189 euros, 220 after taxes. A brand new Athlon e-Machine with two years guarantee. And with Ubuntu installed and all. Just that it came without screen - but no big deal, really.

It's quite small and makes almost no noise. What an improvement in relation with the previous one!

This post is absolutely the first activity since I regained Internet access, just few minutes ago. My apologies for all the comments unanswered here or elsewhere. I will get to that later. Tomorrow probably.


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