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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Review of the electoral fraud at the EP elections

First of all, it seems I had dreamed of such thing well in advance (whoa with my psychic powers!), see
the post at my Dream's Dairy of May 31, one week before the fraud. Just noticed it, as I had not posted any other dream since then and got me quite surprised when I found it today.

Now that I have (once again) discovered that matter is not all that matters, we can go on with the factual part:

Inciativa Internacionalista (II-SP) has appealed to the provincial and central electoral boards (juntas) and has announced that it will follow the whole legal process, going to court and even to the European tribunals if need be.

As I reported previously there were three different types of manipulations, mostly but not only against II-SP:
  1. Votes counted in the acts that did not appear in the government official results (they had been transfered to other lists). These have been restored to their legitimate recievers in the Basque Country but is anything but clear elsewhere in the state.
  2. Votes declared blank, possibly by means of just dropping the ballot inside to the floor. These are destroyed and cannot be reviewed. These were apparently the bulk of the fraud, with a massive increase of them state wide, in spite of no force calling for this kind of protest vote.
  3. Votes declared null on any pretext or consensual caprice by the local electoral board. These are preserved and could in theory be reviewed at the provincial boards. These were the second most important vector of fraud.
Additionally, it has been reported in many cases, notably in the Catalan Countries, that people who had voted for II-SP found later that there was not a single vote for this list at their polling stations' acts.

So II-SP has legally attempted to go to the provincial boards to get such null votes as well the other irregularities reviewed. In vain. In many cases they have not even been allowed in at all, in other cases they have been expelled and, finally, in the vast majority of cases, they have been simply denied access to the votes altogether.

All these irregularities are legally more than enough to get a repeat of the European elections in Spain. But knowing how the Spanish regime works, without any real check and balances nor democratic guarantees of any sort (at least not for those who are not in the official consensus), we can expect that the complain will be rejected once and again at all instances.

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