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Monday, June 1, 2009

Inuit throat singing

I was just watching some documentary on TV, a documentary on Inuits, and suddenly saw... well heard... something that really affected me in a quite unusual way. I'd say it awakened my kundalini - yes, it was quite clearly that - all of sudden.

I had never heard that before: Inuit throat singing. It was fascinating, otherworldly, the singers were like making love. Flippant.

They said that women learn that kind of unique singing style from birdmen whose bodies are covered in tatoos. And that reminded me a lot of the legend of Sedna.

So the film ended and I decided tho research it. First target YouTube, of course. I found quite impressive performers but, sadly, nothing like what I found in that documetary - not so revealing, so to say.

Maybe the closest thing I found could be this performance (low quality image but great music):


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