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Monday, June 22, 2009

Alfonso Sastre on trial for opinion

The neofascist anti-Basque organization Manos Limpias ("Clean Hands") has denounced the octogenarian writer and recent candidate to the European Parliament, Alfonso Sastre, for an opinion article. According to ML, the article makes "threats" and hence they require he is judged for "collaboration with armed gang" (source).

Once and again freedom of speech and even will of peace is quelled by the friends of the eternal war between that abhorrence called Spain and the peoples imprisioned inside. Because all that Sastre does in that article is to express his more than reasonable worries about the perpetuation ad infinitum of the Hispano-Basque war and even the risk of worsening, as the neofascists may decide any day to begin some sort of genocide (in reference to the express wish of PP leader A. Iturgaiz that Basque nationalist be "fumigated"). He in fact suggested that such genocidal threat by the noefascist leader should be prosecuted by the public attorneys. But see how things are in the Spanish "democracy": it is Sastre, like Brecht before him, the one prosecuted in the end.

He makes a, not too hopeful, appeal to the PSOE (social-democrats) to "recover some of their lost honor" and not to allign with the gas chambers dreams of Iturgaiz.

Would it be that way, God protect us!, because we would be awaited and threatened by times of great pain instead of peace, which will never happen obviously if what you decide is to annihilate a larger or smaller fraction of us in those gas chambers inspired by that petty individual Iturgaiz. Then, bad for us but also for you!

This is the only passage that could be maybe interpretated as some sort of threat. But it is obviously not any threat but either doomsaying (doomsaying surely justified on the light of what is actually going on) or a warning of moral sinking (also perfectly justified).

You can surely understand from this particular case the extreme lack of fundamental rights such as freedom of speech we Basques are suffering at the hands of Spain, who decides on arbitrary grounds who can issue threats (its friends) and who cannot even denounce them (its rivals), who decides who can run to elections and who cannot.

There is still a lot of grief ahead, I fear. But that won't stop us from standing for what is just and true.

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