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Monday, November 2, 2009

Palestine: negotiations only a pretext for Israeli expansion

As I expected and feared,
the US government has backed from its original position of total freeze of the Zionist settlements in occupied land.

All this was since the beginning, and I mean the beginning back at Oslo, more than a decade ago, just a maneouver to gain time in order to continue the genocide.

Let's be frank with ourselves: there is no two-states solution of any kind, all is just talking about nothing while the colony expands. Just as Israel has been doing since the very beginning. Negotiation in Palestine is a dead end, a mere waste of time unless it is negotiation of the details to achieve a single state inclusive of all.

And this is not going to happen while US politics are so subservient of Israel and Global Zionism.


terryt said...

A program on TV last night interviewed two NZers, one working for the UN with the Palestinians and the other an NZ Jew now living in Israel. The subject was eviction of Palestinians who'd built houses in East Jerusalem without permits. I'm old enough to remember arguments here as to whether we should maintain sporting contacts with south Africa in the 1960s. The arguments of the Jewish New ealander were frighteningly similar to those used to justify apartheid at that time (the Palestinans want to be separate, They're breaking the law so we're justified in evicting them etc.). In fact the two phenomena are very similar.

Maju said...

Sure: it's a clear case of apartheid. No wonder that for so many decades Israel and South Africa were such close allies: the two racist outlaws of the World, only surviving because of support from the USA and allies.