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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Was the Madoff network Zionist laundry rather than a mere scam?

Joachim Martillo comments
at EAAZI on the newly known ramifications of Madoff's network that involve two Jewish "philanthropists", one of them already "mysteriously dead":

What we're seeing is the tip of the iceberg of a network of Jewish 'philanthropists' whose job it was to funnel money into the Madoff organization, and then take the money back out mostly for the purposes of moving it to Israel for Zionist causes. The biggest 'victims' were anything but victims, and the focus on Madoff is an intentional diversion. The reason Bernie owned up so quickly was to protect the network. Picower had probably been talking about doing some sort of deal with the Feds, knew too much, and so had to die to protect the greater Zionist cause.
I have already mentioned in the past that I suspect that this "scam" is much more than it appears. Otherwise it would have not gone ignored for so long. An imperial-level mafia laundry makes much better sense: this is not a few people plot - it's just too powerful, too well connected... and too much money has vanished in it.

Palestinian and Latin American media already echoed back then rumors about all of Madoff's money having gone to Israel.

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