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Monday, November 9, 2009

We the people...

Almost one out of two members of the US Congress is millionaire, compared with less than 1% of all US citizens. The exact figure is 237 out of 500 representatives or 44%.

This is pretty worrisome because, in a democracy, one would expect their representatives in parliament to be more or less like oneself, maybe more brilliant or better educated and surely more charismatic but otherwise, if they have to represent the feelings of the people, they have also to feel their economic situation more or less, right?

Instead the US Congress is dominated by aristocrats, quite ironically.

This reminds me a question that former Democrat candidate John Kerry avoided to answer when asked in TV: what does it mean that both presidential candidates belonged to Yale's secretive society Skull and Bones?

The answer, regardless of whatever conspiracies the society may harbor, is that they both belong to the high elite. Sadly enough this is what democracy has become: a two party system not too different from a one party state (as there is hardly any substanctial difference between the two platforms), in which many or even most politicians are nobility and where the working class is unable to get organized effectively. At best they can get a populist patrician leader like Obama, who is also pretty rich.

Source: Politico. Found via The Angry Arab News Service.

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