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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Human lower jaw from China is 110,000 years old

at Mundo Neandertal, originally from Science magazine (paywall).

Chinese scientists have found remains of a lower jaw, including one full molar, at Guangxi Zhuang (country bordering with Vietnam). The remains have been dated by uranium isotopes to c. 110,000 BP.

This finding seems to add to the evidence in favor of an older out of Africa migration than the dates typically considered of c. 70-60,000 BP.

It is worth reminding that lithic tools that might be the work of Homo sapiens have been found recently at Japan, with a date not significatively different from this one. Also in this period there was some migration to North Africa (Aterian) and Palestine, and there are some lithic industries in India, dating to as early as 103,000 BP, that might also be attributed to H. sapiens (stone blades).

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