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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dozens Basque youths arrested in political round-up

Just another chapter of the thoughtless repression of the state against legitimate political activity by Basques. 34 people, allegedly holding responsability posts in the youth organization Segi, were arrested two days ago in various towns of the Southern Basque Country by orders of the Neoinquisition judge Grande-Marlaska.

On application of the anti-terrorist law they have been deprived of all legal guarantees and can be held incommunicated for two weeks. Yesterday the tribunal rejected the habeas corpus and the application of the anti-torture measures, which are only used at discretion of the judges (that means almost never).

The charges are unknown at the moment but it's likely that they will be accused of belonging to terrorist organization, as the inquisitorial judges have already ruled that "everything is ETA", and that certainly applies to Segi.

These measures are only applied against the Basque Left. Hence you can have someone punished with 10 years of prison for burning a cash machine and someone with 12 years for homicide (you can imagine who is a Basque patriot of the two, right?). You can have someone with incommunication and denial of the right to defense for just being member of a political organization and another with full rights and bail for being member of a terrorist organization that has made actual attacks (but the latter are Spanish nationalists, not Basques).

Source: Gara.

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