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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pamplona rejects pathetic fascist disembark

Some two thousand people gathered in Pamplona's streets under the slogan "A thousand colors against fascism", in protest against a scheduled demonstration of the much hated but tiny Falange party, who managed to bring just some 50 people from Spain.

Extremist fascist discourse

The pitiful bunch of fascists, highly protected by the police, launched a message of hate and the most extremist Spanish nationalism. Miguel Valenciano, leader of the fascist students' union (and surely one of just few members) charged in his discourse against independentism, abortion, gays, reds and immigrants, claiming the old Francoist slogan of Spain as a "unit of destiny in the universe", whatever that means. He particularly attacked linguistic diversity, asking for the closure of all ikastolak (Basque language schools) and the imposition of a monlithic language system.

His colleague, Manuel Andrino, national leader of the hate group, asked for the death penalty for "terrorists" and prophetized vague visions of a day when the fascists will take back Navarre by force. He also made apology of terrorism, a crime, when he openly supported the "ghost group" Falange y Tradición, that has been involved in several acts of vandalism and death threats in the Basque Country in the last months.

Two women managed to infiltrate the fascist mob and perform acts of protest. One managed to grab the microphone and cry: "long live Freedom!", being then beaten by the fascists until police intervened and expelled her. Another woman managed to deploy a banner in support of Basque prisoners, being also expelled from the plaza.

Anti-fascist acts

The anti-fascist activities included a homage to the victims of fascist violence at Gazteluko Plaza, including floral offerings and a honor dance (aurresku). It is worth remembering here that fascism caused in the Spanish state one of the largest democides of the 20th century with more than a million victims, often forgotten.

After that act, a demonstration with some 2000 people walked along Sarasate Alley, under extreme police surveillance and some threats. Once this demonstration was finished, some people attempted to breach the police belt that protected the fascists, what got the police charging wildly. Some six people were arrested, including one who tried to protect a demonstrator who was being savagely beaten by the cops.


As the fascists packed to go back to the hole they came from, neighbours insulted them from balconies, with sentences like: "you are just thirty and have come here to fuck us precisely on Sunday, when we strive for a bit of peace and tranquillity".

In spite of the heavy police protection that they enjoyed, the fascist cars were hit by several rocks, causing some of them to jump out of the vehicles in search of fight. Police impeded that.

Member of the organization of Antifaxista Eguna (Anti-Fascist Day) showed their satisfaction for the outcome of the protest journey, even if, because of the rain, some of the activities had to be suspended. He thanked the participants who dared to stand up in spite of the massive police deployment. Patxi Belasko nevertheless denounced that these fascists are not the most dangerous ones but the covert ones who hold public offices.

Today there will be another demonstration, also in Pamplona, against aggressions and dirty war.

Protest against fascist vandalism in Lizarra

Yesterday too, there was a protest against the felling of a spawn of the Gernika Tree in the Navarrese city of Lizarra (Estella) by fascists of that "ghost group" mentioned before. They also denounced the beating of a neighbour of Zirauki at hands of a known fascist of the area.

However, while I acknowledge that public demonstrations are a good way of showing strength, I also think that against these individuals some more direct action is needed. Otherwise they will believe themselves impune and that's very dangerous.

Source: Gara.

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